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Biochemistry is an exciting and rapidly growing branch of Medical Science with tremendous impact for the field of medicine.  Biochemical basis are implicated in the pathogenesis of almost all the diseases and as a result, Clinical  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has emerged as a new and important sub-speciality in Medicine.  It is time to put behind the misconception that “Biochemistry is related to lab and research field” only.

We in the Department of Biochemistry at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna have been fortunate to have this specialty at the Institute since its inception. This is a unique centre which combines research, teaching and patient service in this niche area of medicine, for  the  diagnosis  and  follow  up of  disease;  department  of  Biochemistry  was  established  in  early  1984. The  department  was  having  all  the  state-of - art equipment  available  at  that  time  for  investigation  of  different  body  fluids. Most  of  equipment  were  imported  from  Germany  and  U. K  based  companies  eg-Gilford, Corning, H . Christ, Dr. Lange etc.

                At the commencement there were fully automated  batch  analysers, pH & Blood  gas  analyser, ISE  based  electrolyte  analyser, Electrophoresis  machine  with  densitometer, Osmometer, Lypholiser, Deep  freezer  and   centrifuge, cold  centrifuge, Hot  air  oven. These  equipments  were  not  available  in  any  other  institution  at  that  time  in  Bihar and most of the institution  in India.

                With  the  passing  of  time  all  the  instruments  were  worn  out  and  by  and  by  replaced  by  more  advanced  and  upgraded World class  equipments  e.g.-Olympus AU400(Fully  automated  high  through put  random  access   analyser), EM360 (Fully automated  chemistry analyser), ACCESS-2, Immunochemistry analyser based on latest chemiluminescence  technology (CLIA) for Hormones, Cancer marker and Drug analysis, Fully automated HPLC and Electrophoresis for Drug, Plasma Protein and Haemoglobinopathies analysis.

              In recent time, much emphasis is given on clinical biochemistry and molecular biology  for disease diagnosis, follow up and drug discovery. So, a molecular biochemistry laboratory is also established with fully automated real time PCR instrument for investigation and research work.

Our department is engaged  with  work  in  following  areas -

1. Analytical - All routine   investigation of   serum, urine, faeces, CSF, ascitic fluid, hormone assay & tumour marker assay. We are doing approximately more than eight lakh tests annually.

2. Research areas- Faculties, MD, DNB and PhD students are doing research work in new field of biochemistry. About 10-12 papers including abstract & full paper are published in indexed national and international journal every year.

3. Education- MBBS, MD, DNB, BSc MLT & Nursing students are taught by experienced and dedicated group of faculties. We are going to start M.Sc (Medical Biochemistry ) course very soon.

4. Job training programme- Senior residency in biochemistry, short term internship, job training of B.Sc. Biotechnology, DMLT, BMLT, Industrial Microbiology etc, are also conducted.

           Our faculty's members are involved in different interdisciplinary efforts with faculty of other department & other universities viz. Bihar veterinary college ( dept . of Biochemistry) & Patna university to enhance their knowledge and skill.

              We  are committed  about  the  growth  in  our  department  and  the  amazing  facilities/ instrumentation , that we  offer  to  our  students  and  for  the  welfare  of  the  patients.


Dr. Rekha Kumari


Additional  Professor

Dr. Ravi Shekhar


Associate Professor

Dr. J R Keshari,


Associate  Professor

Dr. Pritam Prakash


Assistant Professor

 Dr. S. S. Haque

                 MSc. Ph. D




Dr. Usha Kumari


Scientist - II


Dr. Kumar Pranay


Scientist - I

Dr. Swarnima Singh



Dr. Vibha Sushilendu





  1. Dr. Rekha Kumari
  2. Dr. Ravi Shekhar
  3. Dr. J. R. Keshari
  4. Dr. Pritam Prakash
  5. Dr. S. S. Haque


Annual Progress of 2016-17 (Statistics)

Total No of routine and special investigations done in the department during year 2016-17- 728838