An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC
Comm. Medicine

                                                                                    Community Medicine

Introduction: The preamble of I.G.I.M.S. Act 1984 runs as follows “To establish an Institution in the state of Bihar with a view to develop clinical services in super specialties of the highest standard, a system of supportive supervision and continued education for the medical and health functionaries and to promote service, research and education in the field of Community Medicine and Allied subjects“. Based on the above, the Dept of Community Medicine is functioning since inception (1984) and is the oldest department along with Dept of Gastroenterology, Nephrology etc. The objective of the Institute set out in the section-2 of the Act in relation to develop the Community Medicine Department are as follows- to develop community health research centre to study and find out solutions to the problem of the community with emphasis on reproductive biology and population control and develop research and training in basic services relevant to the problems and needs of the community. It is also need to be mentioned the scope of community medicine as much broader than any other medical discipline because it encompasses all age group, genders, socioeconomic and  occupational groups, and management of social and environmental conditions. We as a department, provide training to the undergraduate & postgraduates even from deferent departments. Our areas of work are epidemiology of health related events and diseases, mother and child health, sexual health, adolescent health, chronic disease, the science of aging, mental health, epidemic control, disaster response, refugee health, injury prevention, tobacco and drug control, planning and program management, health awareness, etc.


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Dr.Sanjay Kumar


Professor & Head






Dr.D. R. Bharati


Associate. Professor






Dr. S. K. Choudhary


Assistant. Professor






Dr. Setu Sinha


Assistant. Professor






Dr. Varsha Singh


Epidemiologist cum,
Assistant. Professor






Dr. Shishir Kumar


Statistician Cum Asst. Professor






Dr. Narendra Kumar








Dr. Tulika Singh


Assistant Professor







  • “Study to test the efficacy of Skin Heal (a Hypochlorous acid based solution) on general skin conditions: a prospective intervention cohort study at a tertiary care centre of Bihar.”
  • Study of magnitude and correlates of adverse event of following immunization of under 5 children, immunized at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Patna, Bihar
  • Hygiene status and food handling practices among street food vendors in Patna city.
  • Association between maternal socio demographic factor and low birth weight newborn at one of the tertiary care centre of Bihar.
  • Study of knowledge, perceptions and awareness of child sexual abuse amongst medical students of IGIMS, a tertiary care centre at Patna.
  • Knowledge and practice about contraception and family planning measure among married women coming to a tertiary health care centre.
  • A study on immunization status of children under two years of age attending immunization clinic at IGIMS, Patna.
  • Study of knowledge towards human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine among medical students in IGIMS, Patna.
  • Study on mortality pattern at IGIMS, Patna.
  • Knowledge & Practice of Hand washing among mothers of under-five children a cross sectioned study.
  • A study on the Immunization status and the factors repressible for defaulting for immunization among children age group 0-24 months in a tertiary case horntail (IGIMS).
  • A cross sectional study of magnitude & risk factors of mental depression among school going adolescents of rural area of Patna district, Bihar, India.
  • Study on morbidity pattern among geriatric patients attending outpatient department of RHTC, Maner of IGIMS.
  • Knowledge and vaccination Coverage of Hepatitis-B among first year MBBS students at IGIMS, Patna as of the Medical College of Bihar.


  • Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding breast cancer among women from rural practice area of a tertiary care centre: An experience from rural Bihar
  • Knowledge and vaccination coverage of Hepatitis-B among 1st Year MBBS students at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna.
  • Problem of Obesity among School Going Adolescent In Rural Practice Area of Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna.
  • Study on consumption of fast food among medical students at IGIMS, Patna.


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PATIENT CARE:               

Teaching training of undergraduates Immunization, executive health check-up Counseling, Training of Paramedical/Nursing is Community Med. Health care services at Rural Health Centre Manner, (OPD, Indoor,  Immunization, Counseling, Delivery, Dots  services etc) Provide appropriate preventive Primitive and curative and rehabilitation services to Community at Urban Health Centre.




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