An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC

                                    Department of Dentistry

  1. Department of Dentistry has developed into a reliable centre for management of oral and dental ailments within a short period of time.


  1. Faculty & Sr. Resident:

3. Clinical Expertise

Following specialities are functional now:- department of dentistry is presently dealing with all sorts of dental and oral diseases, malformations, traumas and preventive measures with special attention to the following :-

  1. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics- deals with correction of irregularities of teeth and disproportionate growth of the jaw in young growing individuals and caters to esthetic correction. The speciality provides all latest modalities with invisible ceramics, lingual and self ligating braces along with clear aligners and also extensively uses micro implants for complex orthodontic corrections.
  1. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics – conserves the diseased anddamaged tooth from various causes rather than extracting it. These treatments include esthetic and conservative restoration, smile designing, minimally invasive dentistry, conservative and regenerative root canal treatment, tooth bleaching, apical surgery, tooth transplantation and replantation, retreatment of failed root canal treated tooth for rehabilitation of natural tooth anatomy and oral function using state of the art methods.
  1. Periodontics - focuses on the inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and other supporting structures around the teeth and provides the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gingival and periodontal disease including regeneration of the damaged tissue and placement of dental implants. We treat cases ranging from mild gingivitis to more severe periodontitis; offer a wide range of treatments including Phase I to Phase IV therapy.
  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery-deals with removing hopeless diseased and impacted teeth, treating facial trauma, pathological conditions, managing orofacial pain, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery andcorrective jaw and soft tissue surgery.
  1. Oral medicine and radiology provides best diagnostic ability, in depth knowledge in identifying and removing the aetiology, logistic use of therapeutics in managing the symptoms and treating the oral illness, modification of diet and habits to suit the outcome and correction of underlying systemic deficiencies, hormonal and immune dysfunctions
  1. Annual progress made in year 2017-2018

Functional FIVE (5) specialities of dentistry with well-trained doctors

  1. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
  2. Endodontics and conservative dentistry
  3. Periodontics
  4. Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  5. Oral medicine and radiology
  1. Number of publications made during the year, name of journals
  1. Sanjay Kumar, Vibha Rani, Krishna Pd. Biswas. Rapid maxillary expansion an Orthodontics solution for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS): A brief outlook, Sch. J. Dent. Sci. 3(1):1-3, 2016. (Review article)
  2. Sanjay Kumar, Vibha Rani. Ectodermal dysplasia, dental features and its management: A rare case report, Sch. J. of Dent. Sci.Vol.3 (4), 121-123, 2016.
  3. Sanjay Kumar, Tanoj Kumar, Vibha Rani. Linea Alba Buccalis a normal anatomic variation of oral cavity, not an oral cancer, awareness among patients and professionals: A case report, SJDS, 3(4):124-125, 2016.
  4. Sanjay Kumar, Krishna Pd. Biswas, Rajesh K Singh, Dinesh Kumar, et al. The prevalence of oral cancer in patients consuming tobacco products: a Dental OPD basedcross- sectional study atIGIMS, Patna, Bihar, J of IGIMS;Vol.02(01),04-06, 2016. (Original article)
  5.  Sanjay Kumar, Vibha Rani, Amit Mishra, Arshad Ahmad, Sudhir Kumar. Management of bleeding in dental extraction in haemophilic patients: A rare case report, Sch. J. Med case Rep, 4(5):324-325, 2016.
  6.  Sanjay Kumar. The management of supernumerary teeth:  A rare case report “Journal of IGIMS, Vol.02 (01), 31-32, 2016.
  7.  Dr Sanjay Kumar, Prof. & Dr. N.R. Biswas, Prof. & Dr. Ashok Kumar, Prof. & Head Dr A. K Sharma, Patna, Dr Vibha Rani et al, Prevalence of Post-TraumaticTrigeminal neuralgia at Dental     OPD in tertiary care centre, Bihar: A retrospective cross-sectional epidemiological study; Sch. J. App. Med. Sci.;5(2E):626-63; 2017.
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  10. Dr. Vibha Rani, Dr. Anjali Verma, Dr. S.N Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Kumar. Study of prevalence of blood groups among male and female students of Patna medical college and hospital, Patna Bihar: Aretrospective cross-sectional study. Vol.-5, Issue-4 (April, 2017) Sch. J. of Applied Medical Sciences, 2017.(Research article) 
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  14. Ragini Mishra, Navin Mishra, Brief epidemiological report of Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak in Bihar, 2015 Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology Volume 5 Issue 6, 2017
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  32. Navin Mishra, Isha Narang. Comparative evaluation of pulp tissue dissolving efficacy of essential oil extract of Ocimum sanctum and sodium hypochlorite.A ex-vivo study.(under process JOE)
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  34. Isha Narang, Navin Mishra. Regeneration of immature necrotic tooth using second generation Platelet concentrate: A case report International journal of current research (accepted)
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  37. Navin Mishra Isha Narang. Recommendation of Antibiotics and Analgesics in Medically Complex Dental Patients ePosters (ISSN 1754-1417) 201

        International book Published

Animal Model Evaluation of Ocimum sanctum as an Intracanal Medicament: Intra canal Medicament: Wonders of O. Sanctum Paperback – May 17, 2012 by Lambert Publication, Germany

Antibiotics in Endodontics.  (In process) Elsevier.

Infectious diseases in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics (In process) Notion press.com

  1. Capital works, new equipment which has been added/ contributing to the development of department and procedures done
  1. RVG/Endomate
  2. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Removable and fixed appliances

Cost effective treatment available includes the latesttechniques like straight wire technique, BEGGS etc.

Future mission is to start Lingual Orthodontics in due course of time

  1. Endo- regenerative RCT
  1. Research – following projects are under progress

1.   Prevalence of post-traumatic trigeminal neuralgia at Dental OPD in tertiary care center, Bihar: A retrospective cross-sectional epidemiological study.

Principal investigator: Dr Sanjay Kumar; Co-authors: Prof. & Dr.N.R. Biswas, Director, IGIMS, Patna Prof.& Dr. Ashok Kumar, Head of Deptt. Of Neurology, IGIMS, Patna,Prof. & Head Dr A. K Sharma, IGIMS, Patna, Dr Vibha Rani et al(Submitted to IEC, IGIMS, Patna, approved and published in national indexed journal)

2.  Efficacy of a medical  treatment  of post-traumatic trigeminal neuralgia, a variant of trigeminal neuralgia at in tertiary care center, Bihar:  A prospective case -control study.

Principal Investigator: Dr Sanjay Kumar, MDS, Deptt. Of Dentistry, IGIMS, Patna; Co-authors: Dr Ashok Kumar, Deptt. Of Neurology (Prof. & Head), Proff. & Head (Dr) .HariharDikshit, Deptt. Of Pharmacology, IGIMS, Prof. & head (Dr.) A.K Sharma, Deptt. Of Dentistry, IGIMS, Patna-14 :( I.E.C. IGIMS, Patna had approved for study).


3.  Study of effect on periodontal conditions in normal occlusion and in mal-occlusion in diabetes mellitus patients in Dental O.P.D at tertiary care center, Patna, Bihar.

     Principal investigator: Dr Sanjay Kumar, MDS, Co-authors: Dr. A.K Sharma (Prof. and Head), Dentistry, and Dr. VedPrakash,DM, Deptt. Of Endocrinology, IGIMS,Patna-14. : [Approved by Departmental research committee on dated 24/06/2017,further approved by sub-Ethics committee of IGIMS on 12-07-2017 and finallyapproved by  I.E.C, IGIMS, Patna  on dated 14/07/2017]

  1. Departments achievements

Department is progressing by leaps and bounds with collaborative effort of each and every faculty and staff members under the leadership of Prof Dr. A.K. Sharma and direction of Honourable Director, Prof. (Dr). N.R Biswas..

  1. Faculty achievements

                Dr. Sanjay Kumar.

1. Reviewer Journal of IGIMS, PATNA

2. Reviewer Journal of clinical dental research (National index journal).

3. Award: In the fields of sports on occasion of “Institutes foundation day” of IGIMS, Patna. (Badminton, Athletes, Carrom board, Chess etc.).

4. Member Stem cell life foundation, USA

5. Life member National Epileptic society of India

6. Established departmental research committee, Deptt. Of Dentistry, IGIMS, Patna and Woking as secretary of DRC.

7. Establishment 7of Orthodontic specialty was done on dated May 2016.

8. First C.D.E programmes were organized by Deptt. Of Dentistry on 7th May -2017, theme was “EVIDENCE BASED DENTAL UPDATE”

9. Attended World Implant Orthodontic and National Orthodontic conference at Goa-2016.

10. Chairperson at scientific meet at AIIMS, Patna, organized by Department of Dentistry 2015. (3-D Imaging and printing)

 11. Speaker at first national meet of “Association of Radiation of Oncologists of India” IGIMS, PATNA-2017= Topic ORAL CANCER.

12. Two E-posters presentation were done at “Association of Radiation Oncologists of India meet” at IGIMS, Patna on ORAL SUBMUCOSA FIBROSIS AND ON ORAL CANCER.

13. Guest speaker at first dental CDE programme was organized by Dept. Of Dentistry, IGIMS, Patna, theme “EVIDENCE –BASED DENTISTRY UPDATE”

14. Chairperson at first National conference of “Association of Radiation Oncologists of India” meet, Bihar chapter at IGIMS, Patna-2017.

15. Excel life sciences organized an workshop on research at IGIMS, Patna-2016.

16. Medical education technology organized one day orientation programme at IGIMS, Patna-2016.

17. Attended workshop on writing a research paper by Bihar Medical Council of medical registration at IGIMS, Patna -2016

18. Attended and awarded lingual Orthodontic training completion certificate by” Indian national lingual Orthodontic society” which was held at “Center for dental education and research”, AIIMS, New Delhi

19. Appointed as “East zone co-ordinator” for orthodontics by Indian lingual orthodontic society-2017.

20. Member of chairman scientific committee at Neurology Update, Patna organised by Indian Epilepsy Association and Neurology Department, IGIMS, Patna.


Dr Navin Mishra

1.Interviewed on DD National television programme like Healthy India and Swachh Bharat for Stem cells and Regenerative RCT

2.Editorial board member for EC Dental Science (ECDE) journal an international peer-reviewed Dental journal

  1. Reviewer of Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.
  2. Reviewer of International Journal of Paediatric Dental Care

5.Reviewer of International journal of Dental Science Acta scientifica (ASIJDE)

6.Chaired a scientific session at 19th scientific congress of Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation and 18 IACDE and IES PG convention, New Delhi India

  1. First in using Wave one reciprocating hand piece for root canal treatment in endodontics at AIIMS, India.
  2. Organized and delivered lecture on micro dentistry at Manav Rachna Dental College
  3. Global cancer concern India delivered lectures on tooth decay
  4. Conducted, and supervised Multispecialty Dentistry the way forward AIIMS, New Delhi
  5. Conducted symposium on Advance Endodontics CDER, AIIMS, New Delhi on laser and microscope
  6. Conducted and Participated in conference of Indian society for dental research
  7. Conduced and supervised in Multispecialty Dentistry the way forward in Endodontics and Implantology at AIIMS, New Delhi
  8. Participated XII FODI, IES, post graduate convention GDCH, Ahmedabad
  9. Certificate of Excellence in Indo French Endo tour Endodontist first workshop on rotary instrumentation
  10. Certificate of Excellence by Ivoclar Vivadent composite hand on class II difficult restoration
  11. Certificate of Excellence  by IDA Delhi state branch  with Micro Mega France Endodontic workshop on Advance Endodontics
  12. IDA Colatene Whale dent presented lecture on tooth preparation
  13. Participated and presented on management of hypersensitivity by IDA
  14. XXVI FODI and XVII IES  National conference poster presentation on tooth wear
  15. American Dental Association certificate of excellence on Dental caries, Oral Cancer and Infection Control in Endodontics.
  16. Indian Dental Association speaker. Delivered lectures on endodontic apex locators, endodontics microscopes and oral cancer
  17. Presented Lecture on ‘LATEST ADVANCEMENT IN MICROSCOPIC DENTISTRY’ as an Invited Faculty and Speaker organized by Unicorn Dentmart Ltd., New Delhi
  18. Organized and chaired a conference in Microdentistry at Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad
  1. Our mission and Vision

Dental health for all through quality care and Establishment of a full-fledged Post Graduate Dental institution by the year 2020

  1. Opportunity: Under the able guidance of Director IGIMS , HOD Dentistry and MS a multicentric DBT Funded Project By Govt Of India is under process for “Comparative evaluation of revascularization induced with and without Implantation Of Dental Pulp Stem Cells With Growth Factors In A Biodegradable Scaffold For Dental Pulp Tissue Engineering In Non Vital Immature Permanent Teeth With Apical Periodontitis. A Pilot In-Vivo Study”.


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