An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC
Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry


The department was established in the year 2013 with one Senior Resident and later in 2014 June one Assistant Professor joined and later in 2016 April one Professor joined the department as head and currently department has one professor, one Associate Professor and two Senior Residents and very soon one Assistant Professor would be joining.


  1. Dr. Rajesh Kumar – Prof. & Head
  2. Dr. Krishna Kumar Singh – Associate Prof.
  3. Dr. Niska Sinha- Senior Resident
  4. Dr. Sweta Roy-Senior Resident


Completed: Pain in mental health setting


  1. Sociodemographic profile in patients of somatization Disorder
  2. Perceived Quality of life in OCD Patients
  3. Body Composition in Patients on Antipsychotic Drugs

As Postgraduate Student

  • “A study of Psychiatric morbidity among first degree relatives of opioid dependent patients” at AIIMS, New Delhi (M.D. thesis, November 2000).

As Senior Research Fellow

  • “Post-marketing Surveillance of Higher Strength Buprenorphine” at AIIMS, New Delhi (06.08.2001 to 14.10.2001).

As Research Officer

  • “Epidemiology of Mental Disorder….a Longitudinal Study” at AIIMS, New Delhi (19.11.2004 to 02.07.2005)


Original Articles/Review Article :

  • Rajat Ray, Hemraj Pal, Rajesh Kumar, Pallab Maulick and R Mangla. Post-marketing surveillance of buprenophine Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2004;Volume 13, Issue 9, Page No. 615-619.
  • Renuka Jena, Manoj Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, Enhancing nicotine cessation amongst in patient substance abuses through cognitive behavioural therapy. Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology 2004; Vol31, No. 2, 117-120.
  • Dr. N.G. Desai, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. S.N. Sengupta, Dr. Praveen Sharma, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Psychiatrist for the treatment of Alcohol Published by Indian Psychiatry society released at ANCIPS Mumbai 2006.
  • Yannawar P, Desai N.G., Singh R, Kumar R, Singh V, Nautiyal S, Gupta DK, Sengupta S. 2009. “Mental Health Morbidity, Mental Health needs and coping patterns among the HIV positive IDUs in Manipur” abstracted in Indian Journal of Psychiatry 51, Suppl. S150.
  • Kumar R, Desai N.G., Singh R, Yannawar P, Singh V, Nautiyal S, Gupta DK, Sengupta S. 2009. “Identification and perception of risk behaviours among HIV positive IDUs in Manipur abstracted in Indian Journal of Psychiatry 51, Suppl. S150.
  • Formulated documents for General Physicians on the topics of “Depression & Other Mood Disorders and Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse (other than alcohol)”.
  • Rajesh Kumar, H.P. Jhingan, C.B. Tripathi. Study of psychiatric morbidity among the first degree relatives of opioid dependent patients: Indian Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine Vol. 43(3), July-September, 2012.
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  • Chandra Bhushan Tripathi ,Rajesh kumar, Ramesh chandra sharma, Rachna agarwal Assessment of performance of services in a tertiary care neuropsychiatric instituteusing pabon lasso model, accepted for publication in asian journal of medical sciences
  • dr prerna kukreti, dr pankaj kumar, dr rajesh kumar comparative study of economic barrier as infringementof right to health care in bipolar disorder- urban rural dichotomy:international journal of current research, vol 8, issue 05, pp:31228-31233, may 2016 shailesh jha,pankaj kumar, rajesh kumar aparna das,effectiveness of add - on L- methylfolatetherapy in a complex psychiatric illness with MTHFRC677T genetic polymorphism, vol 22{2016}74-75, asian journal of psychiatry


OPD Patient Statistics:

New Reg.: 15 – 20/day

Old Reg.: 30- 35/day

Emergency Reg.: 5- 10/day

Indoor Patient Statistics:

Gen. Ward: 15 -20/ month

Pvt. Ward:  5 – 10/month

Emerg.Ward: 3 – 5 /month

Specialized Care: Counselling& Psychotherapy Services, Parental Psycheducation, Management of EPS induced by Psychotropic from different areas, Conversion disorder, Somatization disorder, ADHD, Psychosexual disorder, Deaddiction and management of Post Partum Psychiatric disorder, Childhood Psychiatric Disorder& Geriatric Psychiatric disorders.

Special Achievement during the year: Deaddiction Services Started


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