An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC

                                                                Department Of Orthopaedics

Introduction: -

The Department of Orthopaedics started working since 1999. It was formally established in 2006 with one faculty and two senior residents. At present our department has a Professor, one additional professor, two associate professors, four assistant professors and eleven senior residents. We started MBBS curriculum since 2011. It has been recognised for postgraduate training since 2019. Now we have three seats for postgraduate students. Our department is well equipped with all latest machine & equipments,, supporting staffs, departmental office, air conditioned  seminar room-cum Library. We also have modular OT, Emergency OT, and Plaster room and present bed strength of orthopaedics is 60. We perform routine and complex trauma surgeries, joint replacement surgery of hip, knee, shoulder, arthroscopic surgery, spinal trauma care, bone tumour surgery, deformity correction and paediatric bone surgery. For better patient care we also run speciality clinics of club foot, paediatrics, cerebral palsy spine, joint replacement and sports injury.





Area of Interest

E-mail ID

Mobile No.

Dr Santosh Kumar

Professor & Head

Spine surgery,

Complex trauma



Dr Ritesh Runu

Additional Professor

Paediatric orthopaedics,

Orthopaedic oncology,

Foot and ankle surgery



Dr Manish Kumar

Associate Professor

Sports injury,

Arthroscopic surgery,

Complex trauma



Dr Wasim Ahmed

Associate Professor

Joint replacement,

Spine surgery



Dr Indrajeet Kumar

Assistant Professor

Joint replacement,

Spine surgery



Dr Nishant Kashyap

Assistant Professor

Joint replacement,

Spine surgery,




Dr Abhijeet Subhash

Assistant Professor

Sports injury,

Arthroscopic surgery,




Dr Kumar Chandan

Assistant Professor

Spine surgery,


Joint replacement





Research: ­-

Name of investigator



Dr Ritesh Runu

Institute project

Role of internal fixation in giant cell tumour around knee joint. A retrospective study

Dr Ritesh Runu

Institute project

End point of ATT therapy in spinal tuberculosis clinical improvement, serological improvement, radiological improvement. A prospective study.

Dr Indrajeet Kumar

Institute project

Role of hemiarthroplasty in comminuted Trochanteric fractures in the population of Bihar

Dr Pawan Kumar

Institute project

Comparative study between parallel and divergent k wire fixation in lateral condyle fracture of homeruns in children

Dr Ashutosh Kumar

Institute project

Effect of intrarticular platelet rich plasma injection in osteoarthritis knee joint

Dr Vidya Sagar

Institute project

Outcome of early (less than 3 weeks ) and late (more than 3 weeks ) fixation in dorsolumbar spine after injury

Dr Arnab Sinha

Institute project

Diagnostic protocol for diagnosis of malignancy in comparison to tuberculosis of spine

Dr Rajesh Kumar Ranjan

Institute project

Outcome of arthroscopic anterior Cruciateligament reconstruction in knee with hamstring graft

Avinash Kumar Bharti

Institute project

Effectiveness of Accelerated Rehabilitation Protocol following Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

Binay Kumar Pandey

Institute project

Prevalence of Low back pain & Neck Pain among Teachers of schools in Patna

Dr Reetesh Roshan


Observational study of short segment pedicle screws fixation for dorsolumbar spine injury: A Prospective  study

Dr Mohsin Parvez


To Evaluate The Clinical And Functional outcome (Knee Laxity) After Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction Using hamstring Graft (A Prospective Study)

Dr Nischay Kausik


An Outcome study of conservative management of tuberculosis of spine



Academic year 2019

  1. Gaurav Khemka, Ritesh Runu, Ashutosh Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Nishant Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Santosh Kumar. Abduction Osteotomy in coxavara due to pediatric femoral neck non Union. An outcome study with DC plate. JIGIMS 2019, Vol 5(1): 92-95.

Academic year 2018

  1. Ashutosh Kumar, Vidya Sagar, Pawan Kumar, Deepak Kumar,  Ritesh Runu, Gaurav Khemka. Dome osteotomy in cubitusvarus Our results. JOrthopDis Traumatol ,Vol 1, Issue :1 2018 Page 38-42.
  2. Ritesh Runu, Vidya Sagar, Ashutosh Kumar, Arnab Sinha, Santosh Kumar.Do we need internal fixation devices for giant cell tumors around knee joint an outcome study. JOrthopDis Traumatol ,Vol 1, Issue :1 2018 Page 33-37.
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  9. Pawan Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar, Ritesh Runu Arnab Sinha Vidya Sagar. ArteriovenousMalformation In Foot: A Case Report, Vol 4 No 1 JIGIMS 2018:- 58:59

Academic year 2017

  1. Rishabh Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Nishant Kashyap, Anand Shankar A randomized controlled trial comparing outcomes of k wire removal at 4 weeks vs. 6 weeks of lateral condyle fractures of humerus in children. (International Journal of Orthopedics) Print ISSN; 2579-0889, vol 3, Issue 3, 2017: 34-38.
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  3. Santosh Kumar, Dr.Anand Shankar, Dr. Nishant Kashyap Outcomes of k-wire removal at 3 weeks in lateral condyle fractures of humerus in children.  (International Journal of Contemporary Surgery Vol 5, No. 2 July – December 2017: 135-139.
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Academic year 2016

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Academic year 2015

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Academic year 2014

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Academic year 2012

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Academic year 2011

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Academic year 2005

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Academic year 2002

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Academic year 2001

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Patient Care:-

We have 60 bedded orthopedics ward on third and fourth floor. We have general ward, high dependency unit, intensive care unit, post operative ward and surgical ICU. The patients of joint replacement are segregated. The patients are taken care round the clock by duty doctors and nursing staffs. In OPD average patient registration is 200 per day. Apart from general clinic, specialty clinic is also conducted. We run club foot clinic, Pediatrics orthopedic clinic, cerebral palsy clinic, spine clinic, joint replacement clinic and sports injury clinic. We cater to patients from, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Nepal.

Awards & Honors:

Our department has been selected first in health exhibition in 2015 and 2016. Our department won gold medal in poster presentation in orthopaedic oncology conference in 2017. Our department has organised road safety awareness programme in 2018. It also organised CME on orthopaedic infections(2015), paediatric hip (2016), cadaveric course on pelvic trauma(2016), arthroscopic knee surgery (2017) and osteoporosis – a silent killer(2019).


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