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Reproductive Biology.


                                                 Reproductive Biology Unit

Introduction -The department was started on 29th October 1995 with the aims of providing highly specialized and quality care to women folk of Bihar and eastern India. It is also built with the aim of providing facilities for treatment of infertility and research in the field of reproduction. Infertility is an important medical problem with significant social consequences. About 10-15% of married couples are sub-fertile. This department is first of its kind in north eastern India.

This branch of medicine known as “Reproductive Medicine” is highly developed in the west. In India it is practiced mostly in private sector which is not affordable the most of the couples. In future the department plans to develop the state of art and first IVF centre in eastern India in government sector. With centre development of science and technology IVF programme can be expanded to ICSI, PGD, stem cell research and cloning.

Faculty –




Dr Kalpana Singh    




Associate Professor


Supporting Staffs:



Dr Geetam Bharati                

Senior Resident


Sanjay Kumar II                     

GradeII  Lab Attendent



Patient Care:

The department has a vision to develop the apex centre of treatment & research in Reproductive Biology. At present the basic evaluation of infertile couple is being done in routine way by doing semen analysis of male partner. TSH, T4, Prolactin and USG pelvis of female partner; Not only this, the department offers various kinds of endoscopic surgeries. Diagnostic laparoscopy and dye test is being done in the department. We are also performing laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis, ovarian cyst, PCOD, adhesions, myomectomy, linear salpingostomy and salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancies. Diagnostic laparoscopy is also being done and as soon as operative equipments are made available, we will be doing operative hysteroscopy as well. Other specialized surgeries like tubal reconstructive surgery, sacrocolpopexy, Burch colposuspension, abdominal sling surgery, and myomectomy and transobturator tape surgery are also being done. For sub fertile couple ovulation induction with Clomiphene citrate and gonadotrophines is done. Then these patients are subjected to follicular study and intrauterine insemination is done with processed semen of donor or husband. The department has well equipped state of the Art Andrology laboratory.  

The department provides its outdoor services on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Research work on various topics have been done despite lack of equipments and manpower. The topic of researches was – Role of laparoscopy in infertile female, Clinical spectrum of adolescent girls in a tertiary care centre.

  1.  Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in female infertility  - A  retrospective study
  • Chief Investigator       Dr Kalpana Singh
  • Co- Investigator          Dr Dipali Prasad
  1.  Spectrum of clinical presentation of adolescent girl in a tertiary care centre – A retrospective study.
  • Chief Investigator       Dr Kalpana Singh
  • Co- Investigator          Dr Dipali Prasad

Ongoing research projects are

  1. Biophysical scoring of endometrium and its IUI outcome
  • Chief Investigator – Dr Kalpana Singh;
  • Co Investigator – Dr Manisha Senior Resident Dept of Radiology  
  1. Prevalence of hypothyroidism in infertile women
  • Chief Investigator –Dr Kalpana Singh; Co –Investigator – Dr Geetam Bharati

Notices /Events:

  1. Speaker on topic “Alloimmune and hormonal causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss” in CME organized by BOGS on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss on 26/06/2011.
  2. Panelist in “ART: Patient Centric Approach”, conducted on 03/07/11 at Patna.
  3. Panelist in CME organized by FOGSI on “Sexuality, health, happiness and harmony” on 24/09/11 at IGIMS, Patna
  4. Guest Speaker in workshop on Infertility organized by FWIIO on 02/10/11; Topic –Follicular study.
  5. Speaker in CME on Similarities and dissimilarities of progestins in COCS in 27/11/11, organized by department of Reproductive Biology, IGIMS, Patna
  6. Chaired session 1 of BOGS clinical meeting in collaboration with FOGSI on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Preterm Labor on 1/04/2012.
  7. Speaker in a Workshop on “Infertility” Organized BOGS in collaboration with FOGSI on “Laparoscopy vs. Hysteroscopy”    on 13/05/12, Patna.
  8. Speaker in a seminar organized by Department of Reproductive Biology on “Improving Pregnancy Outcome” on 21/07/12 at IGIMS, Patna
  9. Co –Chairperson of CME on “Mixed Bags” of BOGS-CON 07/12/12 to 09/12/12, Patna
  10. Panelist “Session on infertility” in BOGS-CON 07/12/12 to 09/12/12, Patna
  11. Presented free paper on “Managing Turners Syndrome from 15 to 51” on 9th Dec in BOGS CON 2012, Patna.
  12. Speaker in CME organized by BOGS on “Weight Gain and Menopause”13/01/2013.

National Forum:

  1.  Speaker in Yuva FOGSI  (East Zone ) on “Induction of Puberty “  on  18/11/11
  2.  Chairperson and Judge in a session of Hysteroscopy in AICOG 2012 on 28th Jan 2012, Varanasi.
  3.  Panelist in a panel discussion on “Complications of Laparoscopy” in AICOG 2014, Patna.
  4.  Free paper presentation on “Diagnostic Laparoscopy in infertility: Is it a must? In AICOG 2014, Patna.
  5.  Panelist in “Controlled Ovarian Stimulation “in FERTIVISION 2015 New Delhi ,4th December 2015
  6. Speaker in Workshop  on IUI ,Topic –Monitoring of Gonadotropin Cycle , organized by BOGS on 20TH Dec 2015      

Contributions in Community and National Programmes:

  1. Organized a CME on “Ovulation Induction: What’s New” at IGIMS on 06/11/2011.
  2. Organized a Health Awareness Program me for Adolescent Girls  in Mount Carmel on 17/08/2012 3.Organized a Health Awareness Programme on Menstrual Disorders in Adolescents and PCOD in Magadh Mahila   Mahavidyalaya  on 22/09/2012.
  3. Organized a Health Awareness Programme on Adolescent Health in DPS Patna on 17/08/2012 .
  4. Participated as an expert in Durdarshan (Prasar Bharati) in programme “Swasth Bharat”on Topic “Balika Swasthay and PNDT act”05/05/2013 .
  5. Participated as an expert in Durdarshan (Prasar Bharati) in programme “Phone in Live” on Topic “Problems related to menstrual disorder and its treatment” on 18/12/2013 .


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Awards & Honours:

  1.  Awarded 1st prize in Free Paper Presentation in Embryology section in conference of Indian Fertility Society Fertivision 2015 5TH December 2015.
  2. Founder Joint Secretary of Bihar Chapter of Indian Fertility Society


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