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TB nd Chest

Department: TB & Chest                                                


The TB & Chest department is committed to advancing the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases through integration of patient care, biomedical research, and professional education.

Its vision is to provide innovative, exceptional, humanistic care for our patients; to perform important research that enhances the understanding of lung health and creates new ways to prevent, detect and treat respiratory disorders; and, to educate physicians to be outstanding clinicians, biomedical researchers, and leaders in medicine.

Department’s mission is to

  • Provide state-of-the-art patient care of the highest quality and compassion.
  • Advance this state of the art through biomedical research.
  • Teach fellows, residents, and other trainees the knowledge and skills they will need to sustain this mission into the future.


We fulfill this mission through our care of patients across the spectrum of illness from outpatients to the critically ill, whose problems inspire our research efforts and whose experiences serve as our classroom.


Dr. Manish Shankar (Associate Professor & Head)

Senior Resident

Dr. Samir Kumar

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Interests

Airway Obstruction; Asthma; Bronchoscopy; Continuous Positive Airway Pressure; Cough; Cystic Fibrosis; Lung Diseases; Pneumonia; Respiratory Care Units; Respiratory Center; Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult; Respiratory Function Tests; Sleep Disorders

Department provide comprehensive consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illnesses that affect the lungs and breathing. The latest technology is used to provide state-of-the-art care in both the outpatient and hospital settings, including the intensive care units.

We have expertise in a range of respiratory conditions including but not limited to: lung cancer diagnosis and treatment; chronic obstructive lung diseases including asthma; interstitial lung diseases; pulmonary vascular disease including pulmonary hypertension; sleep disorders; acute and chronic respiratory failure; and various lung infections.

Services offered through the TB & Chest department include:

  • Outpatient clinics for evaluation and treatment of various lung conditions
  • Hospital inpatient services for evaluation and treatment of various lung conditions
  • Intensive care services for management and treatment of the critically ill
  • Sleep disorders evaluation and treatment
  • Bronchoscopic diagnosis and treatment
  • Access to various diagnostic and treatment protocols
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Clinical expertise, research, and education are integrated to provide the best care available while advancing the science of pulmonary and critical care medicine for the future                                                                                                           

Annual Progress made in the year 2017-2018

In 2013, Department of T.B and Chest disease was started at IGIMS, Patna. The Department of TB & Chest provides tertiary level care to patients related to Chest diseases & TB (Drug sensitive and Drug resistant Tuberculosis). The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate. The outpatient department is at OPD-28 which is located in the common OPD building. The indoor admissions are made to DR-TB ward(DOTS Plus Ward – Drug Resistant Tuberculosis patients,8 bedded), and wards at 4th floor for TB patients & patient related to Chest diseases. We have started doing Spirometry and Bronchoscopy since year 2016.

Significant achievements made with regard to new procedure which can add to the name of IGIMS with summary of methods adopted

  1. Pulmonary function test(Spirometry)
  2. Fibre optic video bronchoscopy

Number  of publications made during the current year with year names of the Journal in Vancouver’s style:

  • 1.”Manish Shankar,Samir kumar,Mukesh kumar tiwari: A case of sarcoidosis misdiagnosed as tuberculosis.JIGIMS,Volume:03.Number:02,2017(42-43).”
  • 2.”Mukesh kumar tiwari,Manish Shankar,Kalyan kumar saha: Pulmonary silicotuberculosis in a stone miner.JIGIMS,Volume:03,Number:02,2017(50-51).”
  • 3.”Manish Shankar,Manisha Kumari,Nirav Kumar,Govind Kumar: A rare case of right lung agenesis with dextrocardia:An unusual cause of breathlessness.JIGIMS,Volume:02,Number:01,2016(22-24).”
  • 4.”Manish Shankar,Govind Kumar,Manisha Kumari:A rare case of congenital absence of Right Pulmonary Artery. JIGIMS,2015,Volume:01,Number:01,(51-53).”
  • 5.”Govind Kumar,Manisha Kumari,Sudhir Kumar, Manish Shankar,Amit Kumar,Shailesh Kumar,Dipankar Barat:A rare presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis with polyarthralgia:Poncet’s Disease. JIGIMS, 2015, Volume:01,Number:01,(56-58).”
  •  4.”Shailesh kumar,Sudhir kumar,Rajeev ranjan,Swati salila,Manoj kumar,Namrata kumari,Manish Shankar,S.K.Sahi:Distribution of biofilm producing different candida species from various clinical samples at a tertiary health centre in Bihar.NJIRM,2016;Vol.7(6), (106-109).” (Pubmed central, Index medicus).

Academic Activities


  • Lectures                                   -- 02 hours/ week
  • Bed side teaching                      -- 03 hours /week
  • Tutorial/Seminar                     -- 02 hours / week

MD  as co-guide

  • Topic discussion                        --01 hour/every 15 days

For Residents and interns

  • Case discussion                        --  01 hour/week
  • Seminar                                  --  01 hours/week
  • Journal club                            -- 01 hour/month

Capital works, new equipment which has been added/contributing to the development of department and procedures done

  1. Pulmonary function test(Spirometry)
  2. Fibre optic video bronchoscope: Broncho alveolar lavage,Endo bronchial and Trans bronchiolar lung biopsy,Trans bronchiolar needle aspiration


  1. DR-TB Ward
  2. Dedicated TB OPD



Training to Undergraduates, Postgraduates,and Residents about Spirometry and Bronchoscopy.



 I.   Chief Investigator:

             i)   To evaluate the Rifampicin resistant pulmonary tuberculosis using Xpert MTB/Rif assay in  patients                

                   referred to IGIMS,Patna,a tertiary health care centre of Bihar.

            ii)   A multicenter,randomized,52 week,double blind,parallel group,active controlled study to compare the  

                  efficacy and safety of QVM149 with QMF149 in patients with asthma.

          II.  Co-Investigator:

  1. Distribution of biofilm producing different candida species from various clinical samples at a tertiary health center in Bihar.
  2. A study on the correlation of airway hypersensitiveness and body mass index.
  3. Study of variation in handgrip strength in asthmatic and non-asthmatic people.

             iv)              Effect of isometric exercise on pulmonary function of asthmatic patients.

  1. Association of Vit D deficiency in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and its therapeutic effect.

Services Rendered

  • Routine TB & Chest OPD.
  • Daily ward round.
  • Running Drug sensitive and DR-TB ward under RNTCP.
  • Management of patients in ICU & HDU.
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Spirometry

New services and facilities:

  1. Dedicated TB OPD running 6 days /week
  2. 8 bedded DR-TB Ward
  3. Spirometry
  4. Bronchoscopy

Educational activities:


  • Lectures ,Bed side teaching ,Tutorial/Seminar                        

MD  as co-guide

  • Topic discussion                       

For Residents and interns

  • Case discussion, Seminar, Journal club                             

. Departments achievements:

  • Spirometry has been started in the department.
  • Establishment of Bronchoscopy suite.
  • Fibreoptic Video Bronchoscopy has been started since 2016 in the department and different kinds of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures like Endobronchial & Transbronchial biopsy,TBNA,BAL, Foreign body removal etc are being done regularly.
  • Nearly 75 cases till date has been done.
  • TB & Chest department is  providing DOTS Cat I,II and IV to all TB patients under RNTCP programme.
  • Under RNTCP daily DOTS regimen was launched from department of TB & Chest,IGIMS in Bihar.
  • Department has DR-TB ward which provide free admission,investigation and treatment of different Mono/Poly drug resistant,MDR TB patients under PMDT programme of RNTCP.
  • Department of TB & Chest, IGIMS is a referral center of DR-TB patients from 6 different districts of Bihar under the programme.
  • Under the PMDT programme 2017,our DR-TB center is going to be elevated to Nodal DR-TB center where it will deal with Failure,Drug reaction,Complicated MDR,Pre-XDR and XDR TB cases. New drug Bedaquiline will be used in Pre XDR & XDR TB cases in my department.

Faculty achievements:                                                                                                  

Department has only one faculty as Associate Professor (Dr. Manish Shankar) who

  •  have started Spirometry in the department.
  • Establishment of Bronchoscopy suite.
  • Fibreoptic Video Bronchoscopy is being done by him  since 2016 in the department and he is   doing different kinds of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures like Endobronchial & Transbronchial biopsy,TBNA,BAL, Foreign body removal etc.
  •  He has done nearly 75 cases till date.
  • He is  also trained as a trainer in the expansion of Bedaquiline and shorter MDR TB regimen application under PMDT.
  • Treatment of DR-TB cases like MDR,Pre XDR,XDR TB and have  successfully treated many DR-TB patients under PMDT programme.



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