An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC
Future Plans


Future Plans:  

I.G.I.M.S. strives to meet the health needs of all who live in our service area with quality, compassionate care. While our commitment to provide high quality health care remains unchanged, continuing national and state reform efforts will challenge us to develop new ways of delivering cost-effective care to our patients in the future.

To ensure that I.G.I.M.S. remains a viable and vital HEALTH organization, Institute Administration, recently completed a careful and thorough strategic planning process that will serve as a strong guide in the hospital’s future development. The goals we have set will mean our patients can continue to expect the best of care in a modern facility that focuses on quality, personalized care.  

A:   To be executed in Financial Year 2020 – 21.  

 a.   Construction of new 500 Bedded Hospital building.

 c.   Construction of new Senior Residents Hostel.

 d.   Construction of new Junior Residents Hostel.

 e.   Construction of Student Recreation Centre for Boys & Girls.

                  f.    Construction of Service Block

B:   The Five Year Development Plan: To be executed during the Financial Year  2016  – 2021.

 a.   Establishment of Centre for Cardio – Neuro Sciences in a separate building.

b.    Establishment of School for Public Health.

c.  Establishment of Pediatrics Medicine & Neonatologywith Pediatric   Emergency in a separate building. 

d.    Establishment of “Centre for Laboratory Medicine”.  

e.     Establishment of “Centre for Digestive & Liver Diseases”.   

f.    Establishment of “Centre for Kidney Diseases & Renal Transplant”. 




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