An Autonomous Institute under Government of Bihar & Statutory University created by an Act of State Legislature and recognized by UGC
Office Orders / Circulars

Sl. No.

Office Order No. / Date




IGIMS / 2019 / 115 / Acad.

dt. 25.01.2019

Office Order: Participation in Regional / National Conference / Workshop Conference by the faculty embers / Assistant Professor (Nursing College) / Physiotherapist / Medical Physicist & Sr. Technologiest.


IGIMS / 2018 / 1483 / Acad.

dt. 12.12.2018

Winter Vacation Schedule - 2018 for Faculty members.



IGIMS/2018/ 4112 / Adm.

dt. 27.09.2018

Office Order: Promotion of faculty members under APS Scheme (List of promoted faculty members)

IGIMS/2018/ 322 / Adm.

dt. 02.08.2018

Office Order: Change of nomenclature in Nursing Cadre.



IGIMS/2018/ 06 / Accts. / Adm.

dt. 15.03.2018

Important Notice: In the light of demands of Students and their parents / guardians, arangement for different types of fee collections have also been made in institute by way of NEFT Transction / E - Challan w.e.f. 01.04.2018.

IGIMS/2018/ 155 / Exams

dt. 09.03.2018

Office Order: Constitution of of Malpractice Committee to look into the incidence of malpractices during examination & decide the quantum of punishment for different types of malpractices during examination.


689 / Adm.. A1-08/Faculty Appointment (CTVS)/2017

dt. 16.02.2018

Down-gradation of higher level posts, i.e. Additional Professor and Associate Professor sanctioned posts, in to Assistant Professor.


IGIMS/2018/08 / Gen. Med.

dt. 08.01.2018

Unit Wise Call Roster (Emergency / IPD) in depaertment of General Medicine



5918 / Adm. dt. 28.12.2017


Demolition of existing structure presently occupied by M/s N. P. Meical Hall, M/s Vijay Chandra Canteen & M/s Sangam Mediserve Pvt. Ltd. and temporary allotment of them in exisitng Rain Basera near Medical College and Gas Manifold Room of IGIMS - Patna.


5771 / Adm. dt. 18.12.2017

To prepare merit list among interested existing UDC for promotion to the post of Head Clerk on Merit-cum-Seniority basis through departmental examination.


274 / Acad. dt. 16.03.2016

Students admitted in Para Medical Courses who leaves the course in mid-session after closure of admission will have to submit the tuition fees of the whole course together with penalty of Rs. 10, 000/-.


275 / Acad. Dt. 21.03.2016

Provision of grace marks as approved in Academic Committee (14/109), Executive Council (29 / 214) circulated vide memo no.: 663/Acad. dt. 08.02.2015 and memo no.: 1956 / Acad. dt. 23.12.2015 is hereby amended.


277 / Acad. dt. 21.03.2016

Proposed Fees for various courses (DM / MCh/MD/MS/DNB)




279 / Acad. dt. 21.03.2016 Proposed Fees for Summer / Job Training / Internship & Observer ship Training


280 dt. 21.03.2016

Admission Eligibility criteria for B. Sc. Nursing


  3688 / 14.08.2012

Preservation of Answer Scripts of Examination conducted by IGIMS


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